Earn Rewards for Being a Foodie.

Join the foodie community & unlock exclusive rewards when sharing your eat-out experiences with PERQ.

How It Works?

Eat Out

Dine at your favourite restaurant with your friends and family.

Share Post

Share and tag photo of where you are with friends on PERQ.

Earn Points

Gain points from your posts that you share to buy from the store.

Buy Perks

Purchase rewards with the points you earn from any restaurant.

Earn Rewards at Any Restaurant with PERQ.

At PERQ, we make it easy to discover and earn rewards at any restaurant. That’s why we’ve created a platform where foodies like you can earn points for every meal you share, no matter where you dine.

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Get the exposure you need for your business without overspending on digital marketing. PERQ provides a cost-effective solution to help restaurants attract new customers and increase footfall. Be one of the first to jump on a new trending platform that will change the way businesses engage with customers.

Join the PERQ Community.

Whether you’re a foodie looking to share your dining experiences and earn rewards or an independent business wanting to grow. PERQ can help you achieve your goals as we’re passionate in helping communities prosper.