Reward Your Social Cravings.

Earn points for sharing and enjoy discounts, free food and more, while inspiring friends to dine out together with PERQ.

Unlock Rewards for Being a Foodie.

PERQ is a social platform designed specifically for eat-out enthusiasts like you. When you share your eat-out experiences on PERQ, you earn points that you can use to purchase a variety of rewards from local restaurants, cafes, and bars. These rewards can include discounts, free food, and many more…

How It Works?

Eat Out

Dine at your favourite restaurant with your friends and family.

Share Post

Share and tag photo of where you are with friends on PERQ.

Earn Points

Gain points from your posts that you share to buy from the store.

Buy Perks

Purchase rewards with the points you earn from any restaurant.

Elevate Your Eat-Out Experience.

PERQ is more than just a rewards platform – it’s a community of foodies who share a passion for great food and drink. By joining PERQ, you can connect with like-minded individuals and discover new restaurants, cafes, and bars that you may have never heard of before.